Credential of Readiness (CORe) at Harvard Business School.

What is CORe?

The CORe is one of our most popular programs for undergraduate students – a fantastic way to gain fundamental business skills and a valuable resume-bolstering credential. 

CORe brings the dynamism of the HBS classroom to online learning. Videos, animations, and interactive learning tools combine to deliver a fun and active learning experience. You won’t find lectures in CORe. You will engage with a different activity approximately every three

Our social learning platform connects you to a supportive global network of fellow participants – representing over 100 countries – who engage actively in online discussions, shared insights, and peer feedback.

HBS Online CORe program this summer for students at our Collaborating Colleges is being offered at a reduced price! For the May and June programs, they are offering an 80% discount for Colorado College’s current undergraduate students. The upcoming May and June CORe programs will be available to your students for just $450.

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