Due 2/22 – Faculty Student Collaborative Research Grant Application

THE OFFICE OF THE DEAN is seeking proposals for the

 If you have an interest in working with a faculty member on research this summer, NOW is the time to connect with them to get their approval and work together on a proposal.

The Office of the Dean invites faculty to submit proposals for the Summer 2017 Faculty Student Collaborative Research Grant. The aim of the program is to fund summer collaborative research between faculty and students in order to support faculty in their scholarly activities and to provide students with first-hand research and scholarly experience through collaborating with research-active faculty. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in co-curricular summer research programming during the summer and in the fall.

The awards are competitive and based on proposals submitted by faculty members. Research projects may include support of on-going faculty research or of a student-initiated research project designed in collaboration with the faculty member that will further the faculty member’s research.

     Application procedure and deadline. Faculty will complete an online application to receive the grant on the students behalf no later than February 22, 2017. Awards will be announced on March 6, 2017.

     Duration. The standard award is for 10 weeks of research, but faculty may request that the research duration be shorter than 10 weeks.  The student cannot be concurrently taking courses or holding more than half-time employment.

Learn more at SUCCESS Job ID: 19378 or connect with your faculty directly.

Talk to your faculty about existing opportunities or an area of interest within their research focus. Advocate for yourself and ASK for the opportunity. You will need to collaborate with them in creation of the proposal PRIOR to the Feb. 22 deadline.

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