Economic Policy Analyst at Colorado Fiscal Institute

Colorado Fiscal Institute

The Colorado Fiscal Institute (CFI) is an independent, nonpartisan organization dedicated to
making Colorado a state where responsible fiscal and economic policies advance equity and
widespread prosperity.

This Economic Policy Analyst will serve as part of CFI’s research team on economic policy
issues. The responsibilities of the economic policy analyst will include researching and writing
reports; analyzing state and federal policy proposals and their impact on the Colorado economy,
state budget and low-income populations; help develop policy proposals and options for
enhancing economic security; assisting with collection and analysis of data using statistical
software, such as SPSS or STATA, and economic modeling software, such as IMPLAN;
research of literature and summarization of relevant background material; representing CFI
before state and local community groups and policymakers; and providing technical assistance to
community groups, legislative staff, and government officials as needed.

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