Economic Policy Fellowship- Four (4) positions available

Name of Position: Economic Policy Fellowship- Four (4) positions available
Organization: Sonoma County Economic Development Board
Location: Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California
Contact: Katie Parrish, 707-565-7170,
Application Deadline: April 1, 2018
Applying Instructions: Please email resume and cover letter to with subject line “2018 Fellowship”
Compensation: Approx. $45,000 plus health and retirement benefits
Estimated Duration: July 9, 2018 – June 29, 2019
Education Level: Graduating Seniors and Recent Graduates

About Us:
The Sonoma County Economic Development Board (EDB) is a small, dynamic public agency involved with a broad range of public policy issues and innovative programs impacting Sonoma County. Our diverse economy includes a world-class wine region, stunning natural resources, a burgeoning craft food and beverage sector, and dozens of tourist destinations. The EDB is committed to the vitality of Sonoma County, providing services that encourage the startup, retention, and expansion of local businesses and jobs.

Major Responsibilities and Duties:
Fellows are primarily responsible for developing and managing county-wide programs that support the local economy. Both independently and in collaboration with other staff, Fellows conduct research on their respective sectors of the local economy and organize the research into published reports and recommendations; coordinate high-level advisory groups comprised of local business, government and community members; and may be asked to make presentations on economic and policy issues to various groups, including the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, business trade groups, and community organizations. As time allows, Fellows will conduct research and implement special projects or new initiatives which are tailored to align with their own professional interests.

This position is ideal for individuals with degrees or interests in Political Science/Politics, Economics, English, History, International Relations, Law, Business, Public Administration/Policy, and Urban Planning.
This position is only open to applicants who obtain a Bachelor’s degree between 2016 and 2018. This is an entry-level position, no Masters or PhD students please.

Detailed Descriptions
Four (4) positions will be filled; one (1) position within each of the following focus areas:

Economic Research and Program Development Fellow
 Draft and prepare approximately 20 economic reports on industry trends, economic diversification, economic impact analyses, and demographic indicators
 Learn economic impact software to analyze data trends and advise on economic policy creation and implementation
 Prepare presentations and speeches for the public, local government, and trades groups/interest groups
 Help develop and strategize new programs, events, and reports which affect Sonoma County’s economy or workforce

Workforce Innovation and Public Policy Fellow
 Compile, interpret and analyze survey responses from local employers for the 2018 Workforce Development Survey
 Collaborate with partners at the Workforce Investment Board on recruiting, education and training programs that connect employers with qualified applicants
 Organize conferences or similar events focused on industries with a strong employment presence in Sonoma County
 Create specialized reports on the local job market and on the employment outlook of key businesses and industries

Tourism and Hospitality Fellow
 Plan all promotional, digital, organizational and analytical elements of hospitality-related events, including Sonoma County Restaurant Week 2019.
 Collect and interpret tourism industry data. Produce annual and quarterly reports on tourism statistical indicators, hotel taxes and industry development.
 Conduct surveys, carry out statistical analysis, and present findings regarding specialized tourism research on sporting events, hotel statistics, wineries, breweries, restaurants, etc.
 Produce digital marketing materials and determine return on investment of marketing campaigns for Sonoma County Tourism

Strategic Initiatives Projects Fellow
 Develop and establish a cooperative education program in consultation with local employers and universities
 Explore policies and initiatives to promote investment in the agricultural technology and life sciences manufacturing sectors, among others
 Build on workforce development and talent attraction initiatives
 Manage or lead additional projects based on final recommendations from the five-year economic action plan that is currently under development

Applicants to any of the 2018-19 Fellowship positions should demonstrate:
 Excellent research, analytical, and writing skills;
 An interest in policy research and economic development;
 The ability to efficiently transition between projects and assignments
 Project management skills;
 The ability to effectively communicate with public officials, private industry, the public, and other external stakeholders
 A willingness to learn data analysis and design software, including Adobe Suite
 A commitment to public service

Over the 20+ years since the program began, fellows have gone on to successful careers in government, law, business, and non-profits. Fellows also routinely attend top law, business, public policy, and other graduate schools, including Cornell Law School, the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern, the Harvard Kennedy School, and the London School of Economics. For more information regarding EDB reports, events, and programs for which Fellows are responsible, please visit For any questions about the program, the application process, or about living in California Wine Country, email with subject line “2018 Fellowship.”

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