Final TEXTura Lounge – Luis Alfaro

Join us for the final TEXTura Lounge of Spring 2021 with LUIS ALFARO, playwright, director, curator, producer, educator,  artivist extraordinaire! Alfaro is the recipient of the MacArthur Foundation fellowship, popularly known as “the genius award,” granted to individuals who have demonstrated expertise and exceptional creativity in their respective fields.

Wednesday, March 17 @ 5:30pm MT

“I was born with a foot on each side of the border.
Sometimes that border is an obvious one, like Mexico and the U.S., and sometimes it is a more political one, like being queer and being Mexican.
Sometimes the foot is inside the building while the other one is out on the street.
Sometimes the foot is Off-Broadway while the other one is doing a reading in a church basement.
Sometimes the foot is deep into writing a play while the other one is heavy, teaching. Sometimes the foot is at a very nice restaurant making the big ask from a funder, and sometimes the foot is putting together a GoFundme to get money to pay my actors. Either way, this ability to stand in two worlds has been the essential tool for moving through my life as an artist for the last 30 years….”
~L. Alfaro

The TEXTura Lounge is a virtual space to talk about plays and playwriting with stellar Latinx Playwrights from the across the country.

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