#HIRED: Evans Levy ‘18

After graduation, Evans will move to New York City to begin work as the Content Team Fellow at Thrive Global.

“I am returning to work at Thrive Global because my experience last summer was amazing. Thrive is fighting to help increase health and well-being in the office space and beyond. My biggest concern with leaving CC was that I would be stuck working in a cubical for the rest of my life, and that sounded miserable. Not only is the Thrive company an open space with friendly and welcoming people, we are encouraging other companies to follow in the revolution. I learned so much working at Thrive last summer and know that I will continue to expand my knowledge in both job skills and personal life when I return.

My advice for those still looking for opportunities: Keep asking questions and for favors. I struggle with asking for help or being the first to reach out, but from what I’ve learned is successful people have been in your position and remember what it is like. They are probably willing to help you so you might as well reach out, introduce yourself and see what happens. You never know if you don’t try.”

Congratulations, Evans!

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