How to Answer the ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ Interview Question

by Vault Careers | October 03, 2018
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One of the more common interview questions you will receive is: “Tell me about yourself.” It’s often the first question you receive in an interview, and while it might seem, on the surface, to be a lazy and simple one, it’s actually quite calculated and complex.

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…what it really means is: “Tell me more about you as a person…and why you are here today.”…Most important, give your interviewer a short summary of your background and career path thus far, making sure to focus on those experiences that are relevant to the position. The description should end with why you applied for this role, how it fits into your trajectory, and why you are excited about it.

…One last thing to remember about this question. Ideally, interviews are conversations, not just Q&A sessions… Rather, interviews are back-and-forths where you and your interviewer are both engaged and are having a pleasant discussion…“Tell me about yourself” often presents you with the perfect opportunity to start a conversation from the get-go in your interview. Perhaps there are places in your answer to ask a question of your interviewer. Or perhaps it’s just in the tone you answer that creates an open environment. Whatever the case might be, don’t waste this opportunity. Make sure to use this question to your advantage to get your interview off to a positive start.

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