How to Tell If a Company Truly Values Diversity and Inclusion (or Is Just All Talk)

by Victorio Duran III | July 16, 2021
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Employers talk a lot about diversity and inclusion. In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a company that doesn’t say they’re diverse and inclusive. Companies make these claims on their web sites, in job descriptions, and at career fairs. But how do you know if companies truly value and prioritize D&I?

The answer is you must perform your own functional testing to determine this. Functional testing aims to answer fundamental questions like: Is a company’s D&I policy operating as forcefully as it purports to? Is the company merely paying lip service? Are inclusion and diversity embedded into the company’s ethos?

Recruiters are unlikely to admit that they struggle to hire, retain, and promote talent. So, even if a company says they’re inclusive and diverse, don’t take that at face value. If you do, you may end up joining a company that you later realize isn’t quite what it claimed to be. That can lead to emotional issues, frustration, burnout, and loneliness.

Luckily, you don’t have to wait until you start a new job to determine the validity of a company’s inclusion and diversity policies. There are certain signs to look for before and during your interviews. [READ MORE to learn] seven ways to tell if an employer values D&I.

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