It’s 2021. Do Hiring Managers Really Read Cover Letters?

The data surprised even us.

by Regina Borsellino
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The cover letter is a contender for job seekers’ most hated part of the job search. Personally, when browsing job boards, I’ve always gravitated toward the postings that said “cover letter optional” or didn’t mention one at all—and I’m a writer. When you’re deep in a job hunt—particularly one where you feel like you’re throwing applications into a black hole—cover letters might feel pointless. It’s not like we’re mailing out our resumes anymore—so what is the letter covering? Does anyone read cover letters anymore? Are cover letters even necessary at all, or are they outdated?

I set out to find the answer by speaking to experts, combing through studies, and putting out a call to hiring managers and recruiters to find out how they handle cover letters when they’re making hires.

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Does Anyone Still Read Cover Letters?

In a 2020 survey of 236 hiring managers and recruiters, ResumeGo found that 87% of respondents…

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