JCIT Coordinator – St Stephen’s Youth Programs

BOSTON-THE JCIT (JUNIOR COUNSELOR-IN-TRAINING) COORDINATOR will create program activities and provide the individual and group supports that will help ninth graders build essential leadership skills, prepare them to succeed in high school, imagine themselves (and take action) as civic activists, and get them ready for college and future employment. The Fellow will lead SSYP’s efforts to ensure that all ninth graders have access to age- and developmentally- appropriate programs that develop academic, professional, and organizational skills and build the hope and imagination that will lead to full and successful lives. By visiting college campuses for cultural events, participating in hands-on career opportunities, building mentoring relationships with teens who are in the process of applying to college and other real-world experiences, and taking action as leaders within our programs and in surrounding neighborhoods, our JCITs will gain the skills and confidence to succeed as they take next steps toward high school and beyond. The heart of this project will be the leadership, academic, and professional development for a specific group of thirty ninth graders.

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