Journalism Boot Camp Half Block

Journalism Boot Camp Half Block

What’s this class about?

Are you thinking about joining the Journalism minor or interested in the role of journalism in today’s society? This dynamic 9-day course provides you with the essential skills you’ll need to think like a journalist. In addition to focusing on writing and reporting, best practices, ethical standards and the fundamentals of journalism, students will visit two very different newsrooms outside of the classroom. By the end of this Dynamic Half Block, you should have a grounding in the nuts and bolts of reporting and the techniques used to craft publishable stories.

What are the times and dates?

All of Half Block: January 7-17, with class from 9am-noon.

Who should sign up for this course?

Anyone who wants an introduction to journalism, who wants to practice their writing and speaking skills, who wants to know what a reporter’s life is like, or who is professionally interested in journalism or freelance journalism and wants to try it all out.

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