Open Position as Cipher Art Editor

Why Apply: You think Cipher is cool (or you want to make it cool), you like the idea of building a community of writers and artists, and you are excited about maintaining and improving Cipher’s professional aesthetic style.

Time Commitment: Throughout each block, you’ll be emailing and otherwise communicating with artists, attending all-staff meetings (every Monday at 5 p.m.), and communicating with other staff members about what kind of art is needed. The bulk of the layout work takes place on publication weekend, which is the first weekend of every block. As Art Editor, you are only required to be there until all of the art is scanned and on the computer for the Layout Editor. 

Compensation: You will receive a stipend that unfortunately does not reflect the hours you will put into the job. (Expect around $80/ block.) We also get free lunch every pub weekend Saturday, along with some other free meals throughout the year. 

Basic Qualifications to Apply:

  • Extensive knowledge of and appreciation for art, especially if you yourself are an artist.
  • Knowledge of the CC Art Community and familiarity with the work of specific artists within it.
  • Knowledge of PhotoShop (if you do not know PhotoShop, but you think you still may have the qualifications to apply, i.e. learn PhotoShop quickly and efficiently, please let us know in your application).
  • Good eye for design, including an eye for detail to catch errors or inconsistencies.
  • Demonstrated familiarity with or interest in Cipher. If you’ve written or made art for Cipher in the past, that’s a plus. 
  • Ability to communicate clearly and consistently with other staff members.

Apply using the link below:

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