Political Campaign Internship with Tony Exum

The Tony Exum for State Representative Political Campaigning Internship is a program designed to provide hands-on experience and support for students interested in community organizing and political campaigning.
Interns will:
● Learn about campaign tactics and strategy
● Assist in the management of the campaign’s field program
● Recruit, train, and manage volunteers
● Engage in direct voter contact and persuasion
● Assist with communications, fundraising, and event planning
● Forge strong connections with members of the Colorado Springs community
● Gain hands-on experience that translates to any career in community organizing

Interns will work 5-10 hours a week. We will work with interns to create a schedule that works well for them, as well as provide assistance if they wish to receive academic credit . If interns have specific interests in political campaigning, they will be encouraged to pursue those interests with the full support of campaign staff.

Please email your resume and a cover letter detailing why you want to become an intern and why you are qualified. Resumes and cover letters can be sent to klgruppo@gmail.com

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