Public Policy-Making in the Era of Trump Half Block

Public Policy-Making in the Era of Trump Half Block

What’s this class about?

After winning the electoral college but losing the popular vote, President Trump took office and pursued aggressive policy positions without a hint of compromising or building coalitions with his political opponents. After two years in office, has Trump become a transformative leader who has achieved momentous policy objectives while revolutionizing policy making in the U.S.? Or are his claims of historic victories and accomplishments nothing more than delusions of grandeur?

This course will use case studies on tax reform/economic policy and international trade/affairs to examine whether or not Trump should be considered a transformative policy maker that has created a new set of rules to accomplish momentous policy objectives. Through this course you will study the public policy-making process and develop oral and written advocacy skills in preparation for graduate studies and careers in politics, public affairs, or law.

What are the times and dates?

The second week of Half Block: January 14-17, with class from 9am-noon.

Who should sign up for this course?

Anyone who is interested in the law, politics, or public affairs spaces; who wants to learn more about public-policymaking; who wants to study current political issues through the use of case studies; who wants to study international trade and economic policy from a political lens; or who is preparing for a career or graduate school in law and politics.

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