RAD Internship – film and editing

Are you in the Denver area looking for a way to boost your film skills?

Intern responsibilities will include:
• Edit raw audio and video footage to coincide with project objectives, including chunking into modules, inserting audio/video effects, and more; we currently use Apple Motion and Final Cut.
• Collaborate with our Learning Experience Designer on creative ways to offer meaningful digital content to global professionals and general population.
• Schedule time with our current editing team for any and all professional development opportunities, including conversations around work they have completed, questions surrounding skills you’d like to develop, etc.
• Create engaging YouTube videos for a variety of demographics.

JOB ROLES: Special Effects Artists and Animators, Photographers, Camera Operators, Television, Video, and Film, Film and Video Editors

RAD is based out of Denver, CO and creates the most anatomically-designed and portable mobility and recovery tools for athletes, sports enthusiasts, and everyone in between. Our mission is to empower people to take care of themselves with the best tools and educate them on how, why, where and when to use them. Our education platform is designed from the most current research studies and evidence-based mobility and recovery practices from the strength and conditioning realm, as well as fitness training and osteopathy.

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