Scholarship Opportunity for 1 month Internship + 1 Month Travel

CRCC Asia and The Dragon Trip are pleased to announce the Justin Shapiro Internship and Travel Scholarship for Summer 2018. The scholarship is open to anyone over 18 years old and includes a month-long internship in Shanghai, China with accommodation and work placement, a 21-day adventure tour of China after the internship, and return flights to and from China.

Applications are due by April 25th.  Any questions can be directed to

The scholarship honors Justin Shapiro a former CRCC colleague, friend and world traveler. Justin joined The Dragon Trip as CFO in December 2013 and moved on to join CRCC Asia’s Finance team in December 2015. After finishing his contract with CRCC Asia in 2017, Justin travelled the world before starting his MBA at the University of Austin in Texas. On September 22nd, Justin was cycling home in Austin when he was hit by a car, and tragically passed away on September 28th, 2017. The scholarship will be offered every summer for the next three years, which reflects the time Justin was at both CRCC Asia and The Dragon Trip.

All applications will be reviewed by Justin’s father who is so proud of what his son achieved, both professionally and personally. We hope to award the scholarship to a student who mirrors Justin’s passion for travel and entrepreneurship as well as his zest for life.

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