SLAC NYC & D.C. Recruiting Day Jobs Now Posted!

It’s SLAC time again! What’s SLAC, you ask? The Selective Liberal Arts Consortium, which helps top-notch employers recruit students from seven outstanding colleges – including CC. Recruiting happens over video, and on-site in Washington D.C. and New York City. Everything you need to know about SLAC is right here.

What are the SLAC Recruiting Days?

Through Recruiting Days, SLAC provides students with off-campus interview opportunities for post-graduate and internship positions with top employers in many different fields.

The organizations that interview through SLAC come from all sectors, including for-profit, nonprofit, and government, and opportunities include entry-level jobs and internships in a wide range of areas.

When are the Recruiting Days?

The Washington, D.Cc Recruiting Day and New York Recruiting Day are both held annually in early January.

The New York City Recruiting Day will take place January 4, 2019. The Washington, D.C. Recruiting Day will take place January 7, 2019.

How does it work?

Candidates selected for interviews arrange their own travel and accommodations. Recruiting Days start with a morning Career Fair, which allows students an additional opportunity to chat with employers, ask questions about their organization, and generate new contacts. The afternoon transitions to pre-selected face-to-face interviews.

How do I apply?

Easy! Log into Handshake and search “SLAC” on the Jobs tab. Deadline for all applications will be Nov. 19th (no later than midnight ET to be safe).

Opportunities available at the New York Recruiting Day will be marked (SLAC-NYRD). Opportunities available at the Washington, D.C. Recruiting Day will be marked (SLAC-DCRD).

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