Spotlight on Half Block: Global Debt

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Spotlight on Global Debt: a Common Factor in Uncommon Times

What’s this class about?

This course is a study in how Trump, technology, and your job prospects have been shaped by the rise in sovereign debt globally. In this age of Big Data, when the speed and volume of information transference have grown geometrically, bridging the gap between theory and practice across the profession spectrum (using both soft and hard skills) is a cultural imperative. Data management skills have migrated from a competitive advantage, to a core requirement for many entry-level jobs.

Therefore, in this half block, you will explore the cross-disciplinary topic of global debt with source data you secure through basic data management tools via MS Excel. Your goals will be to demystify the complexities of global markets; to learn practical data management tools that you will use to create a market study; and to leave class with both an analytical framework and database management templates to be used in future academic, business or personal endeavors. You will conclude the half block by creating a PowerPoint presentation proving your thesis with source data presented in both tabular and graphic form.

What are the times and dates?

All of Half Block: January 8-18, with class from 9am-noon and a working session from 1:30pm-3:30pm.

What kinds of skills will I learn?

You’ll learn how to create deliverables in PowerPoint format, as well as data management, quantitative analysis, and proving and defending a thesis.

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