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A Conversation with Elijah Douresseau ‘13

Major: English, Creative Writing

Grad Year: 2013

Current Job Title, Organization: Film and Media Archivist for Warner Bros. Studios.

In Elijah Douresseau’s job, he has handled research documents executed by George Washington Carver. One might assume that he conducts research in botany or is working on some invention involving peanuts and legumes. In fact, Douresseau works as a Film and Media Archivist for Warner Bros. Studios.

Douresseau has been involved with Warner Bros. since he graduated from high school through their Reach Honorship Program. This program is a scholarship and internship program where students passionate about entertainment are given various internships through Warner Bros. each summer, starting with the summer between their senior year of high school and freshman year of college.

Douresseau graduated from CC in 2013 with a degree in English with a focus on creative writing and a minor in feminist and gender studies. After some time spent interning with youth ministries in Manitou Springs and Oregon, Douresseau ended up back at Warner Bros.

He has been in this position for 4 years this December and describes it as working “off-site, in the boonies”. His job is in a warehouse 5 miles away from the studio, and his main responsibilities are the handling of props from movies and television shows and managing a library system for any litigation the studio’s lawyers may be handling.

Douresseau describes the film landscape as “franchising”, and pulls props and other items from the warehouse for whatever film franchise may be upcoming. He also helps supervise the lending of certain props to the Smithsonian or other exhibits.

Douresseau was serious about pursuing writing when he initially graduated from CC. He realized, though, that he was not just going to ink a deal with a publisher, so he found a day job “to keep the lights on”. He is grateful to work at a place like Warner Bros. where he gets exposure to – as well as a realistic idea of – how long it takes to become a published author. He is still pursuing writing, and is currently working on a manuscript. As far as the English, Creative Writing major is concerned, “Your thesis becomes your manuscript that you end up shopping around,” he said.

Douresseau said that he spent 4 years to “[learning] how to learn” at CC. He has found that he never stops learning and that he has become a stronger writer and person as a result of his education. He described Warner Bros. as a collegiate environment. The organization has clubs that its employees can join to have fellowship with people who are like-minded. Douresseau has found that his education has allowed him to deepen those relationships and further his pursuits.

If he were to give advice to a student looking to find a job in his field, Douresseau would say that you have to find a day job that informs the work you do outside of the office creatively. He recommends that students be proactive in finding links between their job and what they’re passionate about creatively.

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