Summer Internship at the Dilley Pro Bono Project

The Dilley Pro Bono Project

The Dilley Pro Bono Project is currently accepting applications for summer interns to join on the ground
for the Summer of 2019. The Dilley Pro Bono Project provides pro bono legal services to the women and
children detained in the largest immigrant family detention center in the country, the South Texas Family
Residential Center in Dilley, Texas. Summer interns will be an integral part of the Dilley Pro Bono Project’s work.

What will I do?
Summer interns will prepare clients for credible and reasonable fear interviews, accompany clients to
credible fear interviews with USCIS, and give know your rights presentations. Summer interns will
develop a specialty in asylum law at the credible fear interview stage and will assist in providing support
to weeklong volunteers.

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