Teachers wanted – not the traditional schedule

Background and Context:
Third Future Schools (TFS) is a high performing charter school network with three schools in Colorado (Academy of Advanced Learning, Coperni 2, and Coperni 3) and two in Texas (Sam Houston Elementary, Ector College Prep Middle School) serving students in grades PreK-8th. TFS focuses on high quality instruction and a personalized, differentiated learning model that results in students attaining – on average – 1.5 years of academic growth annually.

In addition to the strong focus on academics, TFS believes the attainment of knowledge, perspective, and experiences is equally important for our students and this is what we call the Dyad Concept. The Dyad allows exposure and access to travel, music, martial arts, photography, sports, community service projects, and much more. Governor Polis awarded TFS
the RISE grant last fall which has allowed us to implement the Dyad program with fidelity during our “Fifth Quarter” (summer school) program and in the 2021-22 school year.

We are looking for: Martial Arts, Fitness (Yoga, basketball or any sport, Cycling- we have them, etc.), Music (we have keyboards), Photography (we have cameras, iPads, etc.) and are open to other options that a consultant might be interested in. For example, we have chromebooks and if there was someone who wanted to teach coding, or other technology, that would be an option we would consider.

Please email Amila Zecevic azecevic@aalk8.org if you have any questions or want more

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