The Cheat Sheet You Should Fill Out Before Every Phone Interview

by Regina Borsellino
Reposted from The Muse

At any given time in your job search, you’re likely juggling a lot of applications and, as you go on, a few in-person, video, and phone interviews as well. It’s a lot to keep straight!

Don’t let those phone interviews sneak up on you. They may seem minor compared to later-stage or in-person interviews, but you’ll still need to do well in order to get to the next round. Just like your resume should be tailored to each job posting, your phone interview answers should be reflective of the job you applied to. But when you’re trying to come up with specific, targeted answers on the spot, nerves can get the better of you.

That’s where our phone interview cheat sheet comes in. Phone interviews offer an advantage that in-person and video interviews lack: Your interviewer isn’t looking at you and can’t see what you have in front of you. So you can use notes!

[READ ON just a few to get you started.]

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