US Air Force, Premier College Intern Program

Applicable to: Civilian
The Premier College Intern Program is designed to attract individuals currently enrolled full time in college who are seeking a dynamic career with the Air Force Civilian Service. This objective is accomplished by recruiting and selecting high-caliber candidates and training them to become competent, effective, and productive employees focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), Cyber and mission critical career fields; providing training and developmental opportunities necessary to gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) predictive of successful performance.

Premier Interns will have the opportunity to access special projects using cutting edge technology, while under the mentorship of senior managers. They will experience a 3-day Symposium to introduce them to the Air Force, Air Force Civilian Service, networking and training. The paid 12-week internship will occur during the summer of their junior year (before heading into Senior Year) for undergraduate participants. Upon graduation and program requirement completion, a Premier Intern may be converted to further developmental positions without further competition.

Currently, 9 career fields offer Premier College Intern Program opportunities: Civil Engineer, Communications and Information, Contracting, Financial Management, Force Support, Intel, Logistics, Scientist and Engineer, and Special Investigations.
Program Requirements
– Premier College Intern positions may be filled through a direct hire authority or competitive vacancy announcement on USAJOBS.
– General Schedule applicants must be enrolled full time in an accredited college or university and in their junior year at the time of their internship.
– They must have a minimum 2.95 GPA in order to remain eligible for the program and outplacement upon graduation.
Wage Grade applicants must have completed 75% of their vocational or technical training program and be currently enrolled during their internship. They must have a minimum 2.95 GPA in order to remain eligible for the program and outplacement upon graduation. Additional information available on their website.
Program Completion
Upon completing the 12 week internship, graduating with a Bachelors with a minimum of 2.95 GPA, and supervisor approval, a Premier College Intern will have the opportunity to convert to a Palace Acquire Internship.
Benefits received after conversion may include:
Student Loan Repayment Non-competitive promotions to GS-7 up to GS-12 * Recruitment Incentive * Tuition Assistance Training/Certificate opportunities
( * for applicable career fields)

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