Virtual Marketing Intern needed ASAP

Dorian De Long Arts and Music Scholarship Foundation (a CC connected foundation) is searching for someone who can help with January event publication and ongoing scholar recruitment. Check out full details in Handshake #4276466

Internship Term & Details:· 
January 19, 2021 – approx. June 1, 2021, ~5+ hours/week min (up to 20 at times). The hope would be to have someone on board before their signature Drag Show Jan. 22.

Organization is based in the Denver Metro Area, but the majority of work with be remote.

Intern Responsibilities:· Maintain social media presence and analyze results for future engagement, Create and manage marketing campaigns, Fundraiser and festival campaign co-creation and execution, Create and manage monthly newsletters, Research/advocacy community outreach, etc.

Check out the website to learn more about Dorian De Long, the Dorian De Long Arts and Music Scholarship, and Punk is DAD. An understand of the mission will be critical to your success in this role.

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