Young Invincables – Young Advocate

Young Invincibles (“YI”) is accepting applications for our Fall 2021/Spring 2022 Young Advocates program. The Young Advocates program is a unique, paid leadership development program that trains young adults ages 18-34 to strengthen their voices across our issue areas while developing skills and gaining experience in the core functions of advocacy and policy work. Advocates build power among young adults to effect positive change in their communities through on-the-ground organizing, such as planning state and local events to educate and facilitate discussions on pressing issues affecting young people.

Advocates will work closely with our YI Rocky Mountain team to engage their communities around behavioral health initiatives, affordable higher education and expanding economic opportunity for young Coloradans. In addition to working in small teams to create and implement campaigns, participants will work closely with our policy and research teams to develop and propose solutions, and will also work with our communications team to amplify stories and messages. Advocates will also receive trainings and hands-on experience in a variety of advocacy tools, and connect with local partners and campaigns working on the issues they care about.

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