Your Winter Break Career Prep Checklist

You made it! The semester is over, your bags are packed, and you’re heading home (or maybe staying on campus to enjoy a snowy Colorado winter). Now what?

Winter Break is great, but it can easily morph from a restful vacation into four weeks of slouching around the house.

As amazing as it feels to relax after a long semester, try not to give in to the temptation to stay home all break long. Here are some signs that you’ve been taking too much ‘me’ time:

  • You leave your bath feeling like a giant, exhausted prune
  • Your TV time has turned into a 7-hour-long Netflix marathon
  • You realize you’ve worn pajamas for an entire week

If you have regular routines you follow during the semester, try and stick with them even though you’re on break. You’ll feel more willing to get work done if you’re showered and dressed by 11 A.M. and ready to move forward with some career prep!

Check out our Winter Break checklist to make sure you’re maximizing your Winter Break – relaxation and all. (Click the image to make it bigger!)

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