Colorado College’s “Year of Planning” has come quite a long way. Quickly. Instead of offering a detailed description of each and every event that has brought us to where we are now, we’ve provided an overview of the Year of Planning based on the “numbers.”

So, let’s reflect on the data that drove the Year of Planning process throughout:

The Numbers:

To refresh your memory and offer some comparison to the “Initiate Something!“ phase, here are the numbers for the “Goals & Outreach“ phase:

  • 37 different committee meetings
  • 133 outreach meetings, including some 1-on-1 meetings
  • 1,831 people participated in the 133 meetings
  • 892 web responses were received, catalogued, and considered

Now, for the “Initiate Something!“ phase of collecting initiative suggestions:

  • Total email submissions (Initiatives phase): 216
  • Total email submissions (Feedback on the goals): 31
  • Total email submissions (Committee-specific initiative suggestions): 185
    • Extending Our Reach Committee: 49
    • Institutional Effectiveness Committee: 41
    • A Distinctive Place of Learning Committee: 37
    • Engaged Teaching and Learning Committee: 58
  • Total Winter Conference Attendance: approximately 400
  • Total “Initiate Something“ ideas not submitted through email: 358
  • Total Armstrong poster responses: 40
  • Total Tutt Science poster responses: 51
  • Total Rastall poster responses: 53
  • Total Cornerstone Art Center chalkboard responses: 21
  • Total attendance at Year of Planning Student Town Hall: approximately 60
  • Total student responses spoken at Student Town Hall: 12
  • Total written responses from Town Hall and Worner Box: 42
  • Total student responses to student-conducted survey: 20
  • Total student “finger-painted“ responses at the Carnivore Club grilling event: 19
  • Total initiative suggestions at Board of Trustees retreat: 31

Year of Planning Totals:

  • Total Year of Planning email submissions (both Goals and Initiatives phase): 1,108
  • Total Year of Planning meeting attendance (Winter Conference, Student Town Hall, and Outreach meetings): approximately 2,291
  • Total responses/suggestions/ideas to the Year of Planning (Active Initiatives, Initiate Something! non-email responses, email responses): 1,493

Andrew Streight ’12 is program coordinator in the President’s Office, and staffs two strategic planning committees: Extending Our Reach and Institutional Effectiveness.