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Posts from the August 2016 issue

10 Things to Do Before Graduating from Colorado College

Sometimes, graduating from college provides 20/20 vision. Lila Rosenman ’16 looks back on her four years at CC and shares advice with the incoming Class
 of 2020. 1. Befriend a staff member. Our dedicated college staff is the heartbeat of our campus. They’ll certainly support you professionally, but take the time to build a friendship.  2. Spend a…

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Student Perspective

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Summer Session in the Rockies

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Alumni Block Breaks Away

Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu Professor of Organismal Biology and Ecology Jim Ebersole served as faculty leader for a Block Break
 Away for a group of 47 alumni, parents, and friends in March. The trip combined two extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu. Teeming with tortoises, sea lions, birds, and…

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History of Collaboration Between the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center and Colorado College

In 1926, when the FAC was known as the Broadmoor Art Academy, it was the de facto Art Department of Colorado College. This was during an age when professional arts education was transitioning from professional art schools to accredited colleges and universities. Alice Bemis Taylor originally planned to build a museum to house her collection…

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The Hunt Stops Here

Tutt Library stores a very special collection of Helen Hunt Jackson’s books, letters, diaries, and personal papers behind its doors.

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A New Future for the Arts at Colorado College and Beyond

An alliance between Colorado College and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center would help achieve key Colorado College objectives while also helping to create financial stability for the Fine Arts Center and solidify a community goal of sustainable, ongoing community fine arts programming.

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Commencement: Class of 2016

See more photos at

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Celebrating CC People

In a series of online profiles, CC is recognizing members of the staff and faculty who’ve had a long-term, deeply resonant impact upon the college’s classrooms, campus, and community.

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Black and White and Green All Over

The Tutt Library renovation will support learning on the Block Plan as it enhances our sense of place.

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