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Posts from the November 2010 issue

What’s so Great About Granite?

What’s so Great About Granite? by Jennifer H. Carey; photographs by Marli Bryant Miller ’82 Miller started photographing rocks as a geology major at CC, and her passion for geological photography grew as she spent additional time in the field while attending graduate school at the University of Washington. Her photos help illustrate this geologic…

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This Awkward Art

This Awkward Art by Conrad Hilberry and Jane Hilberry, CC professor of English This volume of poetry features works by both father and daughter. The poems are each an individual response to a shared subject, seen from different points of view. Perhaps the most poignant poems are those that focus on the shared loss of…

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Priddy Trips Transform New Students, Inspiring Service to Others

CC’s New Student Orientation trips are a massive undertaking that reap great rewards for the students and the college.

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Celebrating Achievement

The college is celebrating the accomplishments of the Vision 2010 campaign and thanking donors for their support. Learn about recent developments in the campaign that will shape the college for years to come.

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Letters to the Editors

We received many submissions from readers with their recollections of the individuals pictured in the back cover photo of the August 2010 Bulletin. Thanks for sharing your memories!

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The Mellon Initiative: Exploring Ways to Provide the Finest Liberal Arts Education

In 2007, the Mellon Foundation awarded CC a self-study grant to learn about best practices at comparable institutions. The grant has enabled CC to highlight its mission, unique academic system, and commitment to building community across the campus.

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A New Path: Cutler Wall, Mathias Hall Highlight Campus Renovations

If the hallmark of a successful renovation is that it appears as part of the original design, then the new wall at Cutler Hall is an unequivocal success. The project involved new walkways at Cutler Hall (see top photo) a stone seating wall on the east side of Cutler Hall, a flagstone entry plaza at…

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Opening Convocation Kicks Off CC's 137th Year

Colorado College welcomed 538 first-year students and 31 transfer students on Sept. 6 at Opening Convocation at Shove Memorial Chapel. The ceremony marked the beginning of the college’s 137th academic year. Vincent Bzdek ’82, news editor for The Washington Post, gave the keynote address, titled “The Joshua Generation.” (Read his address.) Bzdek, who served as…

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In Memory of Bob McJimsey

A tree-planting ceremony was held in memory of Professor Emeritus of History Robert McJimsey on Oct. 4 on the north side of Palmer Hall in the Tutt Quad. The tree, a mountain ash, was a gift from the history department in honor of a colleague and friend. McJimsey, who joined CC’s history department in 1968,…

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From the President

Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends, “(T)he invitation of liberal learning,” said Michael Oakeshott,  is “…the invitation to disentangle oneself, for a time, from   the urgencies of the here and now and to listen to the conversation in which human beings forever seek to understand themselves.” Oakeshott delivered his words in his 1974 Abbott Memorial Lecture,…

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