3/5 Deadline: 2017 Future in Finance Program

Are you an idea generator, a problem solver, a decision-maker? Do you make things happen and work well on teams? If you answered yes, then a career in the financial services industry is an excellent next step for you.

The UBS Future in Finance program is looking for high-achieving, college sophomores including African-, Hispanic-, and Native-American students to participate in an ongoing mentorship program that includes a 1.5 day workshop in New York City.

During the program kick-off, accepted applicants will take part in interactive sessions aimed at explaining our industry, the various UBS businesses and the clients we support. Not only will you hear from our firm’s leaders, you’ll also network with UBS employees who can help you consider which career path (or paths) might be right for you. In addition, attendees will meet their UBS mentor who will become a go-to resource for career advice as internship opportunities and interviews begin to take shape.

At UBS, we value a workforce comprising diverse experiences, skills and perspectives. We hope the best and the brightest, regardless of birthplace or background, will join us for this unique program. Your future can be in finance… and it can start right here.

Find out more and apply here.

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