4 Ways Your Student Can Get Ahead This Fall Break

4 Ways Your Student Can Get Ahead This Fall Break

Fall Break offers CC students a chance to catch their breath. It also allows students to step away from their studies and think a few steps ahead, especially concerning internships and their professional development.

Here are four steps your student can take this Fall Break to get ahead of the curve:

  1. Explore non-credit Dynamic Half Block courses.

Offered each year during Winter Break, non-credit Dynamic Half Block courses are designed to help students build their resumes and develop career-related skills. Encourage your student to look into this year’s Half Block courses, offered January 8-18, 2018. Students can register for courses on Summit Student Life until December 21st, 2017.

  1. Investigate summer options.

Many college students use their summers to participate in an internship or research project. We’ve blogged about the importance of searching for and landing a summer internship early in the academic year. If your student knows he or she wants to spend their summer at home, Fall Break can be a great time to meet with an employer or CC alum for an informational interview. Students may also want to begin their summer search by checking out resources on our webpage or by making plans to visit the Career Center for an appointment after Fall Break.

  1. Look into a PIFP fellowship.

The Public Interest Fellowship Program allows Colorado College students (and CC students only!) to apply for paid summer-length and year-long fellowships at Colorado nonprofit organizations. If your student is interested, remind them to check out PIFP’s Application Checklist in order to plan ahead for the January 31st, 2018 application deadline.

  1. Continue the post-graduation opportunity search.

If your senior hasn’t already begun preparing for their post-graduation transition, Fall Break is a good time to begin identifying organizations and jobs of interest. Through Tiger Link, your student can find alumni who are willing to offer advice, connect your student to others, and even open doors at their workplace. Your student can also identify opportunities through SUCCESS and SLAC. And if they are still exploring where their interests align, they can take online assessments through Jobzology and see what type of work may interest them.





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