9/14: Princeton Theological Seminary Visit

Princeton Theological Seminary

Is service in your future? Do you want to teach others and learn more about the Christian faith?

Princeton Theological Seminary prepares women and men to serve Jesus Christ in ministries marked by faith, integrity, scholarship, competence, compassion, and joy, equipping them for leadership worldwide in congregations and the larger church, in classrooms and the academy, and in the public arena.

Princeton Seminary’s Reformed tradition shapes the instruction, research, practical training, and continuing education, as well as the theological scholarship it promises. The Seminary embraces in its life and work a rich racial and ethnic diversity and the breadth of communions represented in the worldwide church. It offers its theological scholarship in service to God’s renewal of the church’s life and mission, and it seeks to engage Christian faith with intellectual, political, and economic life in pursuit of truth, justice, compassion, and peace.

Find out more on Thursday, September 14th at 12:15 in Sacred Grounds. Come listen, learn and be at peace…

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