Communications Student Advisory Council

#4829452 Communications Student Advisory Council at CC

Provide your perspective and first-person experience to help inform CC’s strategic communications as well as direct insights into the gaps in college messaging and institutional campaigns. You’ll work directly with the Office of Communications team to incorporate your student experience into storytelling across all of our communications channels, and will contribute your thoughts on how the institutional efforts of the college impact the day-to-day lives of students.

Learn more and submit an application TODAY. The council will meet blockly starting in Block 1, 2021. 

Learning competencies:

  • Solves challenging/ill-defined problems by applying sound reasoning, critical thinking, creativity, analysis, etc.
  • Writes clearly, effectively, and with proper audience(s) in mind within context of position
  • Articulates and exemplifies the core values of CC (honor, respect, and integrity) and is able to explain how these affect their position
  • Listens to different perspectives non-defensively and without anxiety; learns from people of different backgrounds or perspectives
  • Uses mistakes to further own knowledge and competence
  • Speaks with tact, composure, and diplomacy in all circumstances

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