9/25 Deadline: Consultant with Beacon Group Consulting

*Foreign Language Skills Required*

Career Path:

The Beacon Group offers its entry-level Consultant position as an opportunity to learn and assess a career in strategy consulting. During the Consultant’s first year, you will focus on the core elements of our craft: research, writing, project delivery, and business development. Team-based project delivery with frequent client interactions is the model within which a new Consultant quickly becomes immersed.  You will be assigned a Mentor to assist with your training and progression within the company.

After mastery of the entry-level Consultant position, top performers become eligible to move to a Senior Consultant position. At this level, the second set of craft fundamentals are taught and explored: presentation skills, time management, and project management.  A formal review is given after each engagement to assess progress and future career opportunities with the firm.

Job Responsibilities:

A Consultant will hold a variety of responsibilities including:

  • Market-based primary research conducted over the telephone
  • Synthesis and analysis of original research
  • Business/presentation writing
  • Use of analytical tools, like excel, and execution on project frameworks
  • Participation in client presentations
  • Involvement in one to three client accounts as part of a business development team
  • Becomes a subject matter expert on a line of business based on research exposure

Find our more and apply through SUCCESS, Job ID: 21029

Be sure to attend Beacon’s Information Session on 9/5/2017 at 12:15pm in the Career Center.


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