Entrepreneurial Internship with Rasa Koffee

About the Organization

Rasa Koffee is a Boulder startup aimed at replacing (or augmenting) people’s daily coffee ritual with a nourishing and delicious brew of herbal adaptogens.

We are a young and powerfully ambitious company, mission-driven yet with strong economics, women-founded and women-led. We have a unique product and a unique strategy. We’re at the forefront of a new category of foods, and we face tremendous opportunity.

About the Position

If you have the heart of an entrepreneur, if you want an internship where you actually do something, read on…

We’re early-stage but well-funded, and we have good advisers. We’re e-commerce-first but offline tests are dramatically exceeding expectations. We want someone who will grow with the business for the long-term, and will thrive in our get-stuff-done, results-driven, yet caring, relationship-focused culture that places high value on conscious and effective communication.

We want someone who is good at everything–you know who you are; you’re one of those people who can just do anything, and people either love you or hate you for that. Come get loved for it. We are data-driven, so technical/numerical proficiency is a major advantage.

This is not some internship where you make copies, prepare busywork PowerPoints, and bring coffee to your supervisor. We are a fast-paced startup with a small team and 10,000 things that need to get done. Interns will have the opportunity to – and will be expected to – take on high-value projects, figure out the solution with very little guidance, and deliver results. You will be expected to have very real impact and learn a lot in the process. If you are as good as we hope you are, then we will try to hire you when your internship is over.

To Apply

If you are a good fit please reach out at hello@rasakoffee.com.

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