Fellow at The Center for the Economics of Human Development

There are many opportunities across an individual’s life to create, shape, and hone the skills necessary to achieve one’s full potential. heckman-2However, for those who face disadvantages, what can be done to reduce inequality and promote opportunity and access to these skills? The Center for the Economics of Human Development is driven by finding answers to these important research and policy questions, including understanding the critical periods in the life cycle where interventions can have a meaningful impact on the creation and refinement of a diversity of skills necessary for human flourishing.


In this role, the Predoctoral Fellow will conduct and support a variety of research projects in human capital, labor economics, and the economics of education. Fellows will gain experience in all aspects of the research process. Tasks will range across the research cycle and will include cleaning and analyzing large datasets, proposing grants for new projects, writing reports or papers, and presenting research.

Learn more about the center at: https://cehd.uchicago.edu.


  • Clean and describe data, generating graphs, tables, or other summaries
  • Program in Stata, Python, R, or Matlab to analyze datausing econometric tools
  • Collaborate with other fellows and senior researchers to develop economic models for projects
  • Write and/or proofread academic papers, reports, and presentations
  • Write and/or proofread grants
  • Train and supervise undergraduate research assistants

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