Finding the Right Job Boils Down to the People

by The Muse Editor
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For millions of professionals, the last two years have presented an opportunity to get crystal clear on what they value in a job. (Spoiler alert: It’s about so much more than a salary.)

After taking some time off in 2021 to prioritize his own well-being, Michael Farley had a completely different set of expectations when he resumed the job search. “I was very focused on the people I would work with next,” Farley says. “I wanted to work someplace where there were people I could see myself partnered with long term, and that they were caring and empathetic while direct and able to speak freely.”

That led him to Oscar Health, an insurance company on a mission “to make a healthier life affordable and accessible to all.” In his day-to-day as VP of Product Design, Farley is constantly building upon previous iterations of Oscar’s products to ensure the best possible customer experience. 

Here, he shares what it was like to interview at Oscar Health, how he’s prioritizing telling the stories of the people they serve, and why staying curious will keep you at the top of your game.

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