Neuroscience Seminar on Clinical Anesthesia!

Hello all!

Check out a cool opportunity from the Neuroscience club happening TOMORROW 3/10 at 3pm!

Dallen Mill, M.D. is an anesthesiologist at Penrose Hospital. This Thursday, Dr. Mill will be visiting Colorado College to speak about his experience in the field of anesthesia, as well as to discuss some of the most commonly used anesthetic drugs in a clinical setting and their biological mechanisms. This talk will be a great opportunity for anyone considering a career in medicine to learn about what such a career involves first-hand, as well as to learn about the biology that makes anesthesia (and by extension, almost all of modern surgery) possible. Some background coursework in neuroscience or molecular biology is recommended, but not required. Again, the talk will be this Thursday (3/10) at 3:00 PM in Kresge Lecture Hall (first floor of Tutt Science). There will also be pizza.

Happy 3rd week!

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