How to Jumpstart Your Career in the media industry

Virtually join this exciting FUTURE NOW Workshop on “HOW TO JUMPSTART YOUR CAREER.”

Tue, August 24, 2021
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM MDT

Speakers will take you through a very practical session to help you get in the zone, be encouraged, and set yourself up for success for the coming school year.  We will share some practical tips that will help you plan, utilize resources, and maximize opportunities that are already free and available to you.  

Please RSVP by August 23.  Space is limited. This event is FREE to students and recent graduates. Password:  FN2021


FUTURE NOW Media Foundation, Inc. is an educational nonprofit whose mission is to engage, mentor, train and connect college and graduate students to become future leaders in the media industry.   As a leadership incubator in media and entertainment, our goal is to raise up the best and brightest future leaders in business, tech, content creation, journalism, and the creative arts. 

FUTURE NOW hosts a two day annual conference designed to bring together college and graduate students who are serious about pursuing careers in the media and entertainment field with today’s top executives, thought leaders and professionals.   The conference is designed to give students the opportunity to hear directly from leaders in the industry, connect, network and be mentored by them. 

In addition to the annual conference, throughout the year, FUTURE NOW produces quarterly and monthly meetups, educational talks and events.   

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