Investment Community Lead Internship

Do you like talking with your friends and peers about investing? If so, this internship is for you. 

Company Overview 

Vesti Social, Inc is a social network for investors. Vesti lets investors connect with friends to chat, research stocks and cryptocurrencies, and follow their recent trades, portfolios and watchlists. Vesti is democratising investing knowledge by collecting the wisdom and examples of millions of investors and giving everyone access to these reference points and community. 

Job Summary 

Vesti is an early stage startup and will launch its beta at the end of April, 2021. We are seeking an enthusiastic social investor who wants to join a fast paced startup with young founders. The Investment Community Lead will assist the founders with user growth and community engagement. This is a full-time remote internship starting as early as May 1st and going through August 30th (timeline flexible). 

Job Responsibilities 

Some of the responsibilities will include: 

●  Engaging users by sharing interesting content and investment ideas on Vesti’s forums 

●  Assisting with monitoring and managing community on Vesti 

●  Collecting product feedback and pitching new product and feature ideas to the founders 

●  Assisting the founders in acquiring social traders and clubs from other platforms such as Reddit, Discord and Telegram 

●  Assisting marketing team with content generation and search engine optimization (SEO) through social media and blogs 

●  Participating in educational opportunities relevant to social trading and FinTech. 

●  Creating memes (optional) 

●  Anything else you are passionate about that contributes to Vesti’s mission! 

Qualifications and Skills 

●  Personal investing experience or significant understanding of investment strategies (crypto trading a plus) 

●  Own an iPhone (Vesti is iOS only for its beta) 

●  Enthusiastic about building community and social trading 

●  Self starter with excellent verbal and written communication skills 

●  Light hearted and fun 

This is initially an unpaid internship, but could lead to a full time paid position in the future. Please reach out to ​​ if you are interested.

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