Physics Department Paraprof 2022-2023

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT for graduating or recently graduated physics majors

Colorado College Physics Department – Paraprofessional

Academic Year 2022-2023


The paraprofessional is supervised by the Chair and Academic Administrator and works closely with all members of the physics department, especially our Technical Director.  Primary responsibilities include assisting in instructing lab classes, setting up classrooms and laboratories, maintaining and running audiovisual equipment, supervising graders and tutors, and other duties; including occasional photocopying or running errands.  When not assisting the faculty, the paraprofessional is responsible for maintaining and regularly updating the web page, hallway display cases, and generally does what needs doing in the department.


Paraprofessional salaries are established by the college.  The salary is to be determined by Human Resources. (Please talk to Abby regarding her experience).  Benefits include health, vision, dental, and life insurance.  Mileage is reimbursed for work related business.


This is a nine-month position.  The position begins in August the week prior to school starting, and finishes Memorial Weekend in May.  Paraprofessionals are non-exempt employees, but are expected to be available at all times including academic breaks (ex. You have work hours during block breaks, spring break and half block).  However, typical hours are Mon-Fri from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. (7.5 hours per day)


Applicants should submit a resume (including a list of relevant physics coursework) and cover letter outlining their qualifications to me, Physics Academic Assistant, Kate Carlton:

Interested applicants should submit materials as soon as possible and I will start scheduling interviews Wednesday March 2nd.

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