Research Assistant with Federal Reserve Board

The Federal Reserve Board is currently accepting applications for the position of Research Assistant (RA) for the Fall recruiting season. The application deadline for the Fall program is September 30. After September 30, and through January 2018, students may apply for the second round of hiring. All positions will begin in summer of 2018.
The Board expects to hire approximately 70 recent graduates in economics, math, or related fields as RAs. The 12 Fed Banks together also expect to hire approximately the same number. We will reach out to you again in October about RA positions throughout the Federal Reserve System.

We seek to recruit students with diverse backgrounds, interests, and perspectives. These are highly sought-after positions because our RAs have the opportunity to work with the Board’s leading economists on both research and on work that directly supports policymaking by the Board of Governors. After their two years at the Board, most RA’s go on to top graduate schools in economics, law, and public policy, while others find job opportunities elsewhere within the Federal Reserve System or in the public or private sector.

Find out more and apply through SUCCESS, Job ID: 21123.

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