Everything You Need to Know About Finding a Job Through SLAC 2018-19

It’s SLAC time again! What’s SLAC, you ask? The Selective Liberal Arts Consortium, which helps top-notch employers recruit students from seven outstanding colleges – including CC. Recruiting happens over video, and on-site in Washington D.C. and New York City. Everything you need to know about SLAC is right here.


What’s so great about SLAC anyway?

All the things!

First, SLAC gives you the opportunity to apply to high-level jobs – without ever leaving campus. The program offers two video recruiting days that allow you to interview with employers of your choice via video chat. So, no flying, no missed class or Blocks Breaks, and no hotel expenses.

Second, there are in-person interview days, too. If you happen to be in New York or D.C. at the time of the recruiting events, you can attend the two in-person recruiting days and interview with employers in-person!

Third, you can apply to jobs right through the Career Center’s job and internships platform, Handshake. Just search for “SLAC” and all of the opportunities available for each cycle will pop right up.

What else? The Career Center is here for you during every step of the process: applying, accepting an interview, actually doing the interview, and accepting a job offer. Make an appointment with us today!

Who should apply to SLAC?

Many of the opportunities offered through SLAC are full-time positions with benefits – so they’re meant for graduating seniors. Juniors and sophomores are encouraged to apply to any internships offered.

Okay, so how do I get a job through SLAC?

Pretty simple.

First, make an appointment at the Career Center to get your resume and cover letter reviewed. (This is optional, obviously, but don’t skip it. Quality application documents make a huge difference to employers.) You can make an appointment online through Handshake.

Second, apply to open positions before applications close September 9, 2018. All jobs are posted on Handshake – just search for “SLAC”, and anything that pops up as “SLAC-SVID” is fair game. (“SVID” stands for “September Video Interview Day”.)

Finally, after you submit everything, employers will review your application materials. If they like what they see, they’ll select you for an interview. You’ll get an email, and then you’ll sign up for an interview slot on Handshake.

And don’t worry – if you’re selected for an interview, the Career Center can help make sure you’re feeling prepared for everything from case interview questions to the dreaded “So, tell me about yourself”.

(PS: Want more detailed instructions on how to apply? Click here.)

Which employers could I interview with?

Great question! Check out SLAC’s website to see which employers are offering positions this year. This list will update with every SLAC interview cycle.

What’s the timeline for all of the 2018-2019 SLAC interview cycles?

The beauty of SLAC is that there are four opportunities to find a job! Stay up-to-date with SLAC’s timeline for more details on application open and close dates. The general timeline is below:

I have more questions about SLAC. Who can I talk to?

Reach out to the Career Center! Give us a call or shoot us an email.

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