Strategic Operations Analyst with Vanguard Skin Specialists

Strategic Operations Analyst is part of the Strategic Operations team, responsible for informing the strategic decision-making and operations for a growing multi-specialty, multi-site medical practice.

The Strategic Operations team reports directly to Vanguard’s Officers to help provide the direction and framework for Vanguard’s strategy, make operational improvements, process and analyze key metrics, and oversee compliance programs. The Strategic Operations team will work across all areas of the practice.

This position requires and extensive knowledge of the medical practice. Therefore, selected candidates will rotate through various administrative teams for six months, with the goal of mastering each of the front-line positions. During this accelerated training period, candidates will be expected to acquire a knowledge of the practice’s Electronic Medical Records system, the Standard Operating Procedures, basics of billing and coding, and department interaction. After successful completion of this training period, candidates progress to a role on the strategic operations team and are responsible for the tasks listed below.

Vanguard is a quickly growing and evolving medical practice. Therefore, members of the strategic operations team are expected to take on additional responsibilities from those listed below as the need arises.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Strategic Operations Team
• Compliance: Oversee and coordinate all compliance programs: OSHA, HIPAA, MIPS.
• Reporting: Produce majority of reports for practice monitoring, management, and decision-making.
• Centralized Operations: Oversee centralized functions for the non-patient facing practice operations, e.g., purchasing, facilities, deposits, etc.
• Operational Improvement: Tackle projects across Vanguard to improve efficiency, service, and profitability. Ensure allocation of resources is aligned with practice objectives.
• Strategy: Assist with the annual strategic planning process, help implement strategic initiatives, and inform business decision-making. May include the following to set the basis for decisions: market assessment, data analysis, forecasting, financial modeling, etc.
• Team rotations: Fill gaps in administrative teams as the need arises.

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