Work for Progress Hiring a Digital Recruitment Director

The Public Interest Network is hiring a Digital Recruitment Director to help staff a nationwide network of nonprofit groups dedicated to bringing people together in the fight for a stronger society, a healthier planet, and a government that works for all Americans.

We have over 400 professional staff and our network includes over a dozen groups like Environment America, U.S. PIRG, Green Corps, Frontier Group and the National Environmental Law Center.

Now more than ever our work is critical. The issues we care about are coming under fire under the new Administration, Congress and in many state governments. We have a President who denies climate change, and wants to roll back key consumer protections on Wall Street, and who is proposing massive cuts to the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Centers for Disease Control. We have our work cut out for us, and we are hiring talented, mission-driven people to join with us.

The Digital Director will work with our organizations to direct our online recruitment strategy. Our goal is to recruit talented entry-level and experienced candidates so we can add to the staff, in more than 29 states, and help us build top-notch teams of advocates, researchers, organizers and central support staff.


  • Build our online reputation by developing marketing strategies, search engine optimization, building relationships with vendors, generating innovative ideas to increase web traffic, and key online platforms so we can maximize our reach.
  • Manage our advertising program to ensure we are targeting qualified candidates and converting interested leads to applicants.
  • Track and analyze key metrics to continually improve our performance and develop best practices.
  • Design the content for our marketing on our websites, online job sites and social media platforms.
  • Train staff to use digital technologies and ensure brand consistency.
  • Keep up on and implement emerging digital trends and strategies, technologies, and best practices by regularly communicating with allies and digital professionals and attending conferences and trainings.


  • Solid experience with online marketing tools and web-based technologies
  • Familiarity with Google Analytics and social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.
  • Proven team management skills
  • Strong analytical skills

To Apply:

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