Upcoming Events and Deadlines

The following may be of interest to members of the Colorado Classics Association:

  • The CCA has recently made available a Guide to Employment and Licensure in Colorado for Latin Teachers. We welcome your feedback and suggestions visa the CCA Contact form.
  • The Colorado Junior Classical League (JCL) is offering two Ludi:
    • Saturday, January 25 from 10am-2pm at the Classical Academy (Colorado Springs).
    • February 8 from 9am-3pm at Liberty Common High School (Fort Collins).
      • With Certman, I Piscatum, movies, costume contests, and more, JCL chapters are welcome to attend and participate. Additionally, every student who attends wins two spirit points for their school! No Classics experience is required, as this is simply a day for making social connections and cherishing the fun of ancient Rome.
  • Salvi‘s Biduum Coloratanum, a spoken Latin event, is Friday March 27th through Sunday the 29th at the Solarium Hostel in Ft. Collins. Here is detailed information about the event.
  • The Colorado Junior Classical League (JCL) Convention is Thursday April 2nd through Friday April 3rd 2020 in Estes Park. Details forthcoming.
  • The Colorado Classics Association (CCA) spring meeting will be on the campus of CU Boulder in room 190 of the Eaton Humanities building, Saturday April 18th from 10am-11:30am (with coffee and casual conversation starting at 9:15am).

Please also see the events calendar of the CU Boulder Classics Department for information about academic talks related to ancient Greece and Rome.

Last updated January 2020.