Upcoming Events and Deadlines

The following may be of interest to members of the Colorado Classics Association (CCA):

In Colorado:

  • We are now accepting nominations for the 2023 CCA Teacher of the Year award.
    • Materials are due January 1.
    • Follow the link for more information and the nomination form.
  • CU Boulder’s theater department will put on Madhuri Shekar’s Antigone, Presented by the Girls of St. Catherine’s from February 25 to March 5.
    • In this new play, an all girl’s Catholic school drama club faces a moral dilemma over whether to cover up a scandal that threatens its production of Sophocle’s Antigone.
  • The Colorado Junior Classical League (JCL) is holding its State Convention, location TBA, on Thursday March 30 and Friday March 31.
  • From Chaos to Order: Greek Geometric Art from the Sol Rabin Collection will be on display at the Denver Art Museum from April 16  through July 30.
    • The exhibit is free those under 18 and included with general admission.
  • The CCA will provisionally hold its spring meeting on Saturday, April 29 at Colorado College near downtown Colorado Springs from 10-11:30am.
    • The theme of this academic year’s meetings is exploring physical teaching resources in Colorado.
    • After the meeting, there will be an optional visit to the next-door Money Museum to see highlights from its off-display collection of Greek and Roman coins.

Please also see the events calendar of the CU Boulder Classics Department for information about academic talks related to ancient Greece and Rome.


  • Nominations for the Kraft Award for Excellence in Secondary School Teaching from the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS) are due November 15.
    • Applicants must be nominated and be members of CAMWS.
    • Application materials are due December 20.
    • Winners receive $500, and airfare and lodging for the CAMWS annual meeting.
  • Application deadlines for several awards from the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS) are coming up at the end of January:
    • M.A. Stewart Teacher Training Award, up to $2050 in financial assistance for those pursuing certification as a K-12 Latin teacher. Applicant must be a CAMWS member. (Deadline: January 30.)
    • New Teacher Awards for K-12 Latin teachers who are CAMWS members and in the first five years of teaching (deadline: January 30.)
      • Student Loan Assistance: Up to $1,000 to pay off student debt from a recent B.A. or M.A.T. degree.
      • New Teacher Start-Up Funds: Up to $500 for classroom materials or research texts.
    • Keely Lake Travel Grant for School Groups (second round), providing up to $2000 for teachers of grades 7-12 who want to take students on a field trip related to Classics. Applicant must be a member of CAMWS. (Deadline: January 30.)
    • The all new Breuker Jr. Award for Exceptional Promise in Latin Teaching  (Deadline: January 30.)
      • This grant provides up to $5000 for a secondary school teacher to participate in a group-study activity abroad, preferably in Italy and related to Latin.
      • Applicant must have been a member of CAMWS for at least three years and be able to demonstrate classroom effectiveness for the same period.
    • Partnership Program, an award of up to $350 to foster links between K-12 and undergraduate-level Classics teachers. One applicant must be a CAMWS member. (Deadline: February 1.) This award sponsors:
      •  (a) K-12 Latin teachers to either visit Classics undergraduates and discuss their careers, or
      • (b) act as a mentor for a Classics major interested in becoming a K-12 Latin teacher; or
      • (c) Classics faculty or undergraduates to visit K-12 Latin classrooms and discuss majoring in Classics.
  • Applications for the Coffin Fellowship from the Society for Classical Studies (SCS), granting $3,500 for travel abroad to ancient lands by secondary school teachers, are due February 16.
    • SCS membership is not required.
  • Applications for two awards from the Society for Classical Studies (SCS) are coming up at the end of April, neither of which requires membership:
    • Pedagogy Award granting $500-2,500 to teachers at all levels for travel abroad, conference attendance, or acquiring educational resources (deadline: April 20).
    • Zeph Stewart Award granting up to $1,500 for those pursuing certification in teaching Latin (deadline: April 20).

Last updated December 2022.