Upcoming Events and Deadlines

The following may be of interest to members of the Colorado Classics Association (CCA):

  • Applications for several awards from the Classics Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS) and the Society for Classical Studies (SCS) are coming up at the end of January:
    • M.A. Stewart Teacher Training Award, up to $2050 in financial assistance for those pursuing certification as a K-12 Latin teacher. Applicant must be a CAMWS member. (Deadline: January 30.)
    • New Teacher Awards for K-12 Latin teachers who are CAMWS members (deadline: January 30).
      • Student Loan Assistance: Up to $1,000 to pay off student debt from a recent B.A. or M.A.T. degree.
      • New Teacher Start-Up Funds: Up to $500 in the first five years of service for classroom materials or research texts.
    • Partnership Program, a new award of up to $350 to foster links between K-12 and undergraduate-level Classics teachers. One applicant must be a CAMWS member. (Deadline: February 1.) This award sponsors:
      •  (a) K-12 Latin teachers to either visit Classics undergraduates and discuss their careers, or
      • (b) act as a mentor for a Classics major interested in becoming a K-12 Latin teacher; or
      • (c) Classics faculty or undergraduates to visit K-12 Latin classrooms and discuss majoring in Classics.
    • Coffin Fellowship granting $3,500 for travel abroad to ancient lands by secondary school teachers. SCS membership is not required. (Deadline: February 1.)
  • Applications for two awards from the Society for Classical Studies (SCS) are coming up at the end of April, neither of which requires membership:
    • Pedagogy Award granting $500-2,500 to teachers at all levels for travel abroad, conference attendance, or acquiring educational resources (deadline: April 20).
    • Zeph Stewart Award granting up to $1,500 for those pursuing certification in teaching Latin (deadline: April 20).
  • The CCA plans to hold its spring meeting Saturday, April 30 on the CU Boulder campus. This meeting will include election of officers.

Please also see the events calendar of the CU Boulder Classics Department for information about academic talks related to ancient Greece and Rome.

Last updated January 2022.