The End.

My block break adventures on the Colorado River! It’s hard to believe that my FYE is over! After 7 weeks of the same classroom, classmates and professor, I am both nervous and excited for a change! Upon returning from New Mexico, we continued to look critically at the history of that fascinating state further armed […]

Block Break!

Hey y’all!  – Just got back from a fantastic block break in the Maroon Bells in Aspen, CO! My backpacking buds and I by Crater Lake in Aspen, Colorado. During the fourth and final week [well, really more half of a week] of the block we finished talking about the mining industry in Colorado. We had a […]

A Journey to the Library

Today in class we took a field trip. However, this journey was not miles away but rather just to the next building over: the Tutt Library. After a quick lecture about the Spanish colonization northward out of Mexico to the American Southwest, where Santiago talked to us about Missions, [churches used mainly to convert Natives to Christianity]  in the New World […]