Going Remote: Colorado College’s Career Center Resources 2020

Since 2018, Colorado College students and faculty have presented their findings from summer research every year at the Summer Research and Internship Symposium. Normally, students, faculty, and family would gather on campus in September 2020 for a series of presentations and discussions to honor and appreciate one another’s hard work—but, like most things, Colorado College’s [...]

Writer’s Block

This past block has reminded me that whatever form of writing I am working with, involving some kind of personal experience in my writing made the writing process considerably easier. I don’t know if the writing was better, but writing personal narratives always took less time to write and felt like less work to write. [...]

Working-class Problems

I read a paper that made me angry today (but not really today because I wrote this a while back).  It talked about working class people versus middle people and the differences in the struggles we face. I enjoyed the paper in the beginning. It talked about the issues low-income people face trying to succeed [...]

Decolonizing STEM

This class has reminded me that I have a long way to go before I decolonize my mind. Cultural psychology highlights how the field of psychology, and science as a whole, uses WEIRD (White, educated, industrialized, rich, and democratic) as the norm for majority of our research. They are the "baseline," the "ruler" for which [...]

Stem During Coronavirus and Protests

I don't think I ever anticipated how difficult taking a stem class online would be. My last two blocks were humanities classes and not to say that they weren't difficult, they definitely were, but for different reasons. Trying to sit down and focus on watching lectures, taking notes, learning new terms (academic ways of describing [...]


“Hope that you won’t forget that boldly giving up is courage as well.” - Min Yoongi As my time as a blogger comes to a close, I want to reflect what it was like to have to be a student during the coronavirus pandemic.  Before I deleted social media, I saw a lot of posts [...]


When the Emperpor Was Divine, Julie Otsuka Follows a Japanese American family who were incarcerated in the Utah desert during World War 2 Fox Girl, Nora Okja Keller Three teenagers’ in America Town, the US military camp in South Korea in the 1960s, struggle to survive the impact of militarized intimacies, such as betrayal, violence, [...]

So, what now?

Excerpt from Inside Out & Back Again by Thanhha Lai: More is Not Better I now understand   when they make fun of my name, yelling ha-ha-ha down the hall   when they ask if I eat dog meat,  barking and chewing and falling down laughing   when they wonder if I lived in the [...]