GS 554 — Coming of Age in America: Contemporary Issues (Continued)

Explore Roberto Rivera's Questions of Application: What do we do with the ideas that have come up over the course of the institute? How do we apply our understanding in our specific schools and classrooms? Useful Notions: Ascent and Immersion Borders Double Consciousness Tension Between Stereotype and "Reality" Post-Colonialism Call and Response Philosophical Questions: [...]

GS 554 — Coming of Age in America: Contemporary Issues

Our discussion today began with the following texts: In Country by Bobbie Ann Mason, and Born on the Fourth of July (1989). Themes: The lasting and growing impact of war on our youth and their experience. Questions:  How can we foster a meaningful and nuanced understanding of issues related to war without relying on cliches [...]

Final Play

Last night we saw A Comedy of Errors at the Roundhouse. It was our final show in London. It was the best show in my opinion but alas, I am a sucker for twins and slapstick comedy.The Dromios killed me. Really, I keeled over laughing a couple of times. Though the play was stellar, the [...]

Hampton Court Palace

Being at Hampton Court was like traveling through time to an era when one-third of the population lived in poverty, the average lifespan was thirty-five years, there were no drains, sewers, and rubbish was thrown into the streets, and when beheading your wives was an acceptable practice. Walking into the same rooms the likes of [...]

Etymological Origins

Today a fellow student ended their Skype conversation with their boyfriend by saying, “Alright, I’m gonna hang up now.” I was struck by the phrase, which is already an anachronism in regards to most modes of digital communication. We’ve moved beyond hanging phones up when we’re done with them. At the time I joked that [...]

GS 554 — Elaborating on Native American Perspectives

Our class discussion drew on our reading of Sherman Alexie's The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Thomas King's Truth & Bright Water, and the 1998 film Smoke Signals. Themes: Borders as human constructions. Belonging as something that necessitates that there are those who don't belong. Varying definitions of success. Questions: How can humor [...]