I have a confession to make: I do not enjoy listening to music played by The Beatles.  I am fully aware that this should result in me having my musician's card removed, my guitar taken away from me and me being locked in a room with a TV playing "Yellow Submarine" until I can recite [...]

Sibling Birth Order

The other day in class we talked about sibling birth order. Alfred Adler was the first one to propose that our personality is at least partly determined by the order in which we are born. These are some of the possible qualities he associated with each birth order: 1. Oldest child: nurturing and protective of [...]

Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself! (A Short Discussion of Flow and Human Potential)

When I steal the ball in an intramural basketball game, break past my defender, and sprint for a layup, I won’t hear you if you scream my name. When I pole-vaulted in high school, launching myself 8 feet in the air to clear a plastic bar, I never heard my parents’ cheers, no matter how [...]

Ballet and Black Swans

If you are feeling that your brain is very happy and content and have a desire to change that, I would encourage you to watch Swan Lake and immediately follow it with Black Swan.  The juxtaposition of the smooth, ethereal dancing of Tchaikovsky's ballet-- which was first produced in 1870-- and the gritty and rather disturbing [...]

The Art of Live Performance

Allow me to paint you a figurative picture, not a real one because I have the artistic ability of a one-flippered penguin.  Anyway, you're sitting in the absolute worst seat in a concert hall.  You can barely see the performers and your neck is craned to an angle that would make a giraffe uncomfortable.  And [...]

Youngest Children Storm CC! (and other thoughts from week one of Personality)

Take a closer look at Colorado College’s website. You click the “welcome to CC” link, and the following words appear: “Welcome to doorways, horizons, and adventures. Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life. Welcome to Colorado College. Start exploring now.” These preliminary welcome statements, along with the rest of CC’s advertising, market [...]

Videogames, Aesthetics, and Culture In Review

As an aspiring Film and New Media Studies major, I did not expect to become so enthralled with the concept of new media or media studies.  I begrudgingly accepted that I would have to take classes like Intro to Media Studies and Videogames in order to ascertain the title of “Film Major.” I showed up [...]

Super Super Mario Bros.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1nhMHeIvH8&feature=BFa&list=HL1331104447&lf=mh_lolz For our latest project, two classmates and I collaborated on a creative project that combined game theory with Super Mario Bros. One aspect of videogames that I have found particularly interesting in class is the arbitrary world that the game-makers create. In this video we try to demonstrate the irrational goals and boundaries of [...]